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Dongguan Jinda Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016, located in Dongguan City, Da Lingshan town, and Shenzhen, Guangzhou Huizhou adjacent. Specializing in styrofoam, Poly Long (Paul Lilong, foam ball) Zhenzhu Mian, foam molding and other packaging materials packaging design and production sales. (EPS), Zhenzhu Mian (EPE), widely used in furniture, lighting, glass, metal appliances, toys, handicrafts packaging, with beautiful, moisture, noise, moisture, shock function. Jinda packaging has always followed the "integrity work, the user first" quality policy, over the years to provide our customers with inexpensive products and improve the quality of services, many customers by the praise and support. Welcome businessmen to discuss business and guide the work! What is more important to us is that: ● It is our goal to start our long-term cooperation with you. ● You put forward the task, we work together to explore the solution. Your question is both a challenge to our work and an incentive for us. ● We carefully help us focus on the work of the existing effect, standing on your position to look at your problem. We value your thoughts! ● Studying the "packaging material" problem has become our habit. Special packaging materials require special solutions. We pursue the highest precision and top quality. ● For more information about our business. Welcome to contact us immediately! ● warmly welcome you to negotiate business.
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